Sunday, April 7, 2013

Interacting With A Character-Through Texting...Sort of....

I found this great tool that I thought would be a fun way to connect to a character in your book. The address is: This tool allows you to create a texting conversation between you and character  in your book. The idea being that the text that you create will not  be random but rather show your in depth knowledge of the plot/character/setting/conflict/resolutions in your novel. Create a text message to your character. Save it and copy the link into your blog post. Write a couple of sentences describing who you texted, what the focus of the text was and why you chose that . 

Here is my text with Richard in a Three Dog Life. Remember Richard  has a Traumatic Brain Injury, and therefore his brain does not make the right connections much of the time. My texting with Richard is an example of  this character detail.
My Text To Richard