Friday, June 7, 2013

My Book-The Beginning The Middle and The End

In my book, A Three Dog Life, Abigail and Richard suffer a catastrophe. Their ordinary lives are soon changed forever. In one minute, Richard becomes a new man who will never ever recover. A simple task of walking the dog, turns into a life change for Richard and Abigail. What once was, could never be again. Their lives forever changed.

As Abigail tries to forge a new life, she soon realizes that her life with Richard, as she once knew it, would no longer be. She goes through many changes. First, she connects back with friends who she hadn't seen much of before Richard's tragedy. Second, she buys a cottage in the country. She adds another dog to her family and then one more dog. Finally, she finds a comfortable pace of life, moving between Richard's home in a rehab center and her home in the country.

After Abigail moves from the city to her country home full time, she finds a peace she never knew before. Once again connecting with her dogs, her country home, and Richard when he visits the cottage, she finds a new rhythm of life. Acceptance of this new life, begins the process of healing for this married couple. Once the ebb and flow of their lives change, surrounded by the greenery of country living, the dogs, and Richard's weekly visits, they are once again whole, but in a new way.

A Three Dog Life taught me that life's episodes of change are always present, but that doesn't mean you can't survive them.