Saturday, December 29, 2012

Hopey Has Fun!

Below is a video that shows my Hopey running around in the snow. We got lots of it and that fact brought out her absolute delight! But first, see all  the ways we were able to demonstrate her experience, oh it's the same concepts we've been  working on in this class!

Hopey's 10 Word Poem

Joy, love, running
Snowballs between my toes
Love snow!!!

Hopey's Simile:

Snow is like a big bowl of cottage cheese.

Hopey's Metaphor:

Fun is a bird flying through snow without feathered wings but with feathered paws!

Hopey's Cause/Effect:

Deep snow=joy and running

Hopey's Fact/opinion:
Springfield Vermont received over 12 inches of snow on December 26, 2012.

I absolutely love the snow, but only until it balls up in my feet.