Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Most of You Have Your Blogs Up and Running!

 It was so neat for me to see how many of you embraced creating your blog. Many of you personalized it in some spectacular ways! The greatest thing for me was to learn things about you that I hadn't previously known before! I learned about some sports you do and sports you watch. This of  course includes the  teams you follow. I learned some favorite colors you have and your dog and cat's breeds and names. I learned about some of the many things you love to do in your spare time-Karate, Motorcycle riding, Skateboarding, hanging with family members, hunting, snowmobiling....and even more!

This blog will be a great addition to our class. Please feel free to post  pictures and even video if you like as long  as it's  appropriate. I will assign specific things to do but you can always add anything you like as long as it is school appropriate,please! Great job to  the ones who have already completed setting up their blog and creating their first post. To the students who are about to begin their blog, feel free to post pictures of  you on the field, or your  pets or your family. A blog can be a compilation of writing, images, and video!

You will receive specific assignments to complete which will be connections to the novel you are reading, literary concepts like writing metaphors, similes, cause/effect...etc....You will connect to a character in your novel. You will take a stand on an important issue in the news. There are so many things that we will be doing with your new blog!

Below is a picture of my Faithycat. She loves to wake me up all night long by walking  laps around the bed.