Thursday, January 3, 2013

Setting -Blog Post For Your Novel

In this "setting-blog post for your novel" post you will identify and describe one setting from your novel. You will write 5-7 sentences identifying the setting and how that setting impacted on the character, the events in the story, or the conflict/resolution that might have occurred.

My example post for "A Three Dog Life"-My sample novel that I will use as my example model:

In my novel, A Three Dog Life, the setting and the eventual events changed the lives of the characters. When Richard went out to take his wife's beagle for a walk one rainy night, no one knew that his life would cease to exist as he once lived it. The setting, a busy New York City street with lots of traffic and the event of a leash breaking, would forever change both Richard and Abigail's life when Richard would be hit by a car leaving him with a broken brain and changing who he once was, his life, and even his marriage. The busy New York City Street was the 'place' setting and the 'night' was the time period setting.