Sunday, January 27, 2013

Conflict In A Three Dog Life-Richard's Conflict

      The internal conflict in my novel, A Three Dog Life, shows up as all of the internal changes Richard experienced from the external conflict of a horrible accident. Richard's life changed in an instant. His brain forever changed by that one moment in time; the car, the rainy night, the leash breaking, and the dog darting across a busy New York City street. Richard's instinctive reaction to run after the dog; a dog he never wanted; his wife's dog, results in his own slow demise. He was hit by a car, and suffered Traumatic Brain Injury, also known as TBI. Richard changed from a wonderful middle aged man who loved the simplicity of life, to a man who didn't seem to be able to hold onto a single thought. The external conflict of the leash breaking and Richard's dash for his wife's dog, caused him to be hit by the car. Richard's internal conflict; his brain's bizarre connections, would remain his internal conflict as Abigail struggles with her own internal and external conflicts. What do you do when life hands you a plate on which your life is not what you ordered? This is the struggle and the basis of this memoir, A Three Dog Life.