Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Expository Writing-Instructing Abigail on How To Survive What Happened

          Going through the horrific accident and the results of living with a husband who now has a traumatic brain injury will not be easy. First, Abigail you need to be sure to take care of your own needs. It's easy to get lost in Richard's issues and forget to take care of your own life. You must be sure to get help for yourself from qualified professionals. Second, you need to create a new life for yourself, apart from your life with Richard. You have done this by buying that cottage in New York State and living with your dogs. You need to do more things that make you happy and keep you healthy. Third, you need to speak to other people who have gone through this and might have advice for you. Perhaps an on going support group will help you to deal with all the unknowns that will arise as Richard's Traumatic Brain Injury continues to affect him and you. Finally, as you come to terms with your new life keep documenting what you are learning in more books. Your knowledge and advice can help others who have just been faced with this event in their lives and are overwhelmed with the realities of where they now find themselves. As you move through this new journey, with Richard and by yourself, be sure to find the positive moments you both need to survive this new life.