Sunday, May 5, 2013

Point of View in my book-A Three Dog Life-With Evidence

In my book, A Three Dog Life, the point of view is first person. Abigail tells us the story of Richard and Abigail's life. When Abigail tells us about what Richard is like after the accident,she takes us into his hospital room. It is a few weeks after the accident. Abigail visits Richard in his hospital room and they are each just sitting there. Richard is a very different man now that he has a Traumatic Brain Injury,TBI.

                  Yesterday in his hospital room my husband asks urgently, "Will you move me twenty six thousand miles to the left?" "Yes," I said not moving from my chair. After a moment he said, "Thank you," adding in wonder, "I didn't feel a thing." "You're  welcome," I answered.

This passage from, A Three Dog Life, shows the first person point of view through the conversation Abigail and Richard had in Richard's hospital room. The words "I" , "me", and "my" are our hints that this story is told through first person point of view. Abigail speaks to us, the readers telling us about this visit.